Nostr  Resources

Start with either link below for the 5 minute setup guide
Following links contain a plethora of info curated by the link owners. Enjoy the Journey. 
Tonys' A Million Tiny Worlds
Part One - Productivity focused Nostr Apps
Relays - Best to get some paid relays to help with spam. One of the best is Nostr Wine plus the filter. See links 
nostrstats - see top 30 relays ( current ) - run your own relay - my personal free relay
 Nip-05 is to verify you, there are many available, just a few below. The bitcoinmanual link offers an explanation and a larger list.
Various links of interest - backup and more - create your own relays - free backup service
This is the Way
Hug it out
If you need any help reach out to me on Nostr at the following NPUB